Add GRS Report To Your Order

$300.00 USD
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Add GRS Report To Your Order

$300.00 USD

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The prices mentioned includes the laboratory fees as well as all shipping charges involved. Note that the fees are per gemstone, therefore if you are purchasing a pair and wish to get both gems certified by GRS, please type "2" in the quantity box & add to cart. The report and gems should be in your cart during checkout.  Please click here for more information. 

Please note that GRS requires a processing time of 3 to 6 weeks. To check their exact return dates, please visit:

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The Famous Royal Blue Color Of Natural Sapphire

Preparing Preformed Rough For Faceting . Every single gemstone is first attached to metallic dops in order to start faceting. After faceting the top side of a gem, it is removed & re-attached to facet the pavilion

Supplying The Best In Ruby And Sapphire For More Than 20 Years

Purchasing Rough First Hand From Artisan Miners. This is one of our cottages in Andilamena, Madagascar

Our Gemologists Cherry Pick The Finest Rough From Thousands Of Carats.

We Travel Far And Wide, Searching For The Best Gems. The Small Mining Town Of Ambatondrazaka, Northern Madagascar. Known for best qualities of Ruby and Sapphire

Gorgeous Parcel Of Natural Blue Sapphires, The Joyful Result After Many Months Of Hard Work.

The Entrance To An Underground Sapphire Mine.

Colors Of Untreated Sapphire Never Disapoint!

The Find Of A Lifetime... A Flawless 18carat Royal Red Ruby

Precision Cutting Is Our Motto.

The Majestic Sapphires Of Madagascar, After Preforming & Before Polishing

Employing Experienced Preformers, Excelling Cutting Quality.

Washing Excavated Gem Bearing Gravels, In Search Of Treasures.

Buying From The Miners In The Field

The Most Familiar Sight For Every Field Gemologist. Ilakaka, Madagascar

Saying NO To Child Labor And YES To Education. Every Child Deserves A Childhood.