Who are we?

SapphireBazaar is a trademark of Chic Societe Inc., a gemstone trading and faceting corporation established in Tucson, AZ with a strong presence in the sapphire mining capital of the world, Madagascar. The rough gemstones are brought to our lapidary in the Rathnapura town of Sri Lanka and processed with state of the art facetrons by highly skilled cutters. The quality is very strictly controlled to ensure International Standards are met & maximum luster (not weight) is achieved. The faceted Sapphires are then exported to consumer markets & Jewelry Manufacturers around the globe.

After many years of being in gem business we realized that if we want to have something to say in loose gemstone industry we should focus all our attention into production of a single gemstone & we choose Sapphires... Given that Sapphire has been an extremely secure investment throughout history, we have stopped buying all other gems and only purchase natural unheated rough Sapphires since the past two decades. Our personnel are scattered all across Sri Lanka & Madagascar, wherever there is a hint of Sapphire mining.

 Our US address is:  5210 E Pima St. STE 120 Tucson, AZ 85712

The founder of our company is Dr.M.Mansoor, a medical specialist who started gem business after years of medical expertise in countries struck by poverty. Now we are doing our best to give back to the communities we have benefited from by opening free clinics in villages of Madagascar to improve the conditions of the community as much as we can.  To learn more about our philanthropy project, click here.

Our locations around the world

The following map shows our offices in Sri Lanka & Madagascar

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