I am a jeweler, do you offer any wholesale discounts?

Yes, We are offering wholesale prices to members of gem and jewelry industry. All you have to do is registering for a wholesale account, which is free of charge. Each wholesale account is assigned a specific discount percentage depending on the volume of business. Once the wholesale account is set up, discounts will automatically show up on all items whenever you login to your account.

To register a wholesale account, please click here.

You can also request gemstones on memo or a credit plan, which will be considered based on your transaction history with us.

   I need a Ruby/Sapphire of specific dimensions custom cut for me, Can you help?

Yes, We are offering custom cut gemstones if the necessary rough material is available in our stock or if it can be sourced promptly. Our cutters in Sri Lanka are very experienced and able to deliver any custom cut request you may have, Including fancy cuts based on a facet diagrams.

To request a custom cut gemstone, you should fill the details of your request & our customer support will contact you regarding the delivery time & cost.

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   Which countries do you ship to?

We are shipping worldwide using FedEx, DHL & TNT. If either one of these three shipping companies are offering services in your country, we will be able to process your order.

For more information about our shipping & handling policy, please click here

   How long should I wait to receive an order?

If you are purchasing a gemstone, the delivery time does not exceed 5 business days.
If you are ordering a custom made item, the delivery time will be stated by the customer support at the time of your purchase.

For more information about our shipping & handling policy, please click here

  I need financing for my order, do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we are offering credit plans on select orders with 0% interest rate. We can divide the sum into 3 or 6 equal monthly payments depending on order the value. For more information, please contact us and mention the item(s) you wish to purchase. No credit Checks are done, & international customers are eligible.

   Is the shipping method secure & traceable online?

Yes, All our shipments are insured free of charge and traceable at every step of the way. As soon as your order is dispatched, you will receive a tracking number which is traceable on our website as well as the courier's website. You will be receiving shipping notifications from the courier too.

For more information about our shipping & handling policy, please click here

   Do you sell man-made or treated gemstones?

No,  All the items listed on our website are genuine mined natural gems.

We do not sell any kind of imitation, fake or synthetic gemstone. In addition to this policy, we are not selling any severely treated natural gemstone either, such as clarity enhancement, diffusion, high temperature heating, chemical treatment, lead glass fillings or irradiated gems. We are proud to offer authentic gems of highest quality.

   Do you offer GIA report along with a gemstone?

Yes, We have elevated independent verification of gems to a whole new level through a comprehensive shipping procedure which laboratories such Gemological Institute Of America are offering to us.

In addition to the free SCI certification, you can request an additional report from any lab of your choice (subject to laboratory fees).

To read all about the certification policy, please click here

   Are your gems ethically sourced & mined?

We do not buy any rough gemstone from areas of conflict and strongly condemn such behaviors.
For more information about our supply line codes of ethics, please click here

   Do you accept returns or exchange, What is the refund policy?

Yes, We accept returns on all gemstones & offer a full refund.

We understand that buying gems online is difficult & you need full assurance regarding the security of your investment, therefore we are offering a 30 days money back return period. This is a no-questions-asked return policy & you can return the gem regardless of the reason behind it. The 30 calendar days countdown starts from the day you sign for the parcel & receive it from FedEx. You can either request a refund or exchange the item.

For more information about returns policy, please click here

   Do you offer gift wrapping and special packaging?

Yes, We will be happy to send your package in gift wrapping along with a beautiful card matching the occasion. This service is provided free of charge.

How to order gift wrapping?

After adding the items of your interest to cart, click on the "edit cart" button & mention it in the "special instructions" box along with the message you wish to write on the card. We will carefully follow your instructions.